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Let's face it. Reading reddit every day kills productivity as it is easy to develop a dependence on browsing reddit to compensate for an otherwise (apparently) dull moment. Yet, reddit provides some informative links. I often enjoy reading the submissions and comments posted in the programming subreddit.

This site helps you to establish a habit to read reddit once a week only.

How? Simply add the following feed to your feed reader and never visit reddit except through the weekly feed updates.

r/programming [rss - weekly]

To subscribe to other sub reddits, in the above URL simply change /rss/programming to /rss/yoursubreddit. To subscribe to the main reddit, use this link.

How it works: the RSS feed is updated every week with the links from the "top" page for "this week" (example). Effectively this only includes highest-voted links submitted in the last 7 days.